Black Triangle Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on September 5th 2014 – triangular space craft

Me and my boyfriend were waiting outside at my mother’s house for a friend around 10pm at night. We were sitting inside the jeep as it was quite cool out and we didn’t know when they where going to show up.
We were sitting there and out our front windshield we seen a huge triangular shape just over the top of the jeep decending upwards.
It appeared to look very much like a large metallic pyramid, it was literally like being in a movie or one of those simulation rides.
It was bronze looked like it was made out of copper almost but not shiny plates but had ridges and lines. Inside of the center was an orange light. ( the ones I usually see in the sky spining/wavering around up high in the sky)
So I figure it makes sense that the light going around in the bottom is the ships main source of power.
I had seen so many way up in the sky and other occurrences in my life that I was so happy and amazed with what I had just seen.
I’m fainted by them have been always it’s become a fixation in a way.
I’m sure there’s good and bad like there is in everything but I didn’t feel afraid just amazed and happy it had came so close that I finally know what I had been really seeing.

It flew silently over the jeep and over my mom’s roof very slowly huvering like and glided up into the sky over the trees and I couldn’t see it anymore.

I haven’t seen any since that day, but like I said it was an eye opening experience and very knowledgeable experience.

Me and my boyfriend will remember it always it was his first believable experience now he believes like me.

The following day I found a weird black smooth looks like a rock I still have it I kept it. I found it on the table outside. Kind of a momentum for the event and I think it may have dropped off the ship
It almost seems platic but it’s defiantly not.
Still not sure but I felt to keep it. Like I knew it was special.

I have one other experience at my mother’s years before i was a teenager when this had happened and a friend of mine had been there. I woke her up to make her watch and see what I was seeing she was sceptical until she seen it with me we watched it dance around over the lake for hours. It was a bright orange light it was way off in the distance when it was done I actually believe I seen it exit our atmosphere it darted off quickly Strait (again like a space craft in the movies is depicted when they start up and travel at the speed of light…sometimes I think the the movies aren’t too far off on the way the present things at times) and when it exited a big Strait flash of light streamed across the horizon. And Boom I even seen it grow increasingly smaller as it left earth.

This was the other most amazing experience happened at least 8-10 years prior.

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