UFO Sighting in Bradford, Pennsylvania on August 14th 2015 – Looked like a space stasuon with a arm out the Bottom and claw at the end of the arm.

#1-I was looking for shooting stars. #2-I was using my camera to see if it could zoom in on anything that may be out there because I did see a UFO the last time when I was looking to see Mars when It had come closest to the earth I think the date was 2014.
#3-I had thought the object was a “Quad Copter” with a type of arm extended out of the bottom of the craft.
#4-The Object looked like a Quad copter or the space station because it was very high in the sky and I had a lot of difficulty finding it and it must have been moving because I had a hard time finding it and trying to lock on to it to click a picture of it.
#5-I remember feeling excited but was then upset that I could not find it anymore.
#6-I was using a small digital still camera and it was hard to keep on it and being that you can only see the object with the camera and not your eye’s it is even harder to find it with just the little camera that I have. I was very lucky just to capture it at all.

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