UFO Sighting in Custer, Washington on August 14th 2015 – A short encounter of a huge, low flying diamond/square object with one flashing light and 3 steady lights. No noise, effortless flight.

Two grandsons and I had moved blowup mattress’s to my back deck to watch the International Space Station pass and the display of the Perseid meteor shower. It was supposed to be spectacular, but observed only about 5 remarkable shooting stars. The boys were asleep after midnight. I noticed flashes of light from the other side of the house….this was between 12:30pm and 1 am. I could not see what was making the flashes. As I was still sitting up, a very very slow square or diamond shaped object was passing over the house roof headed directly north. (We are 5 miles from the Canadian border) It was HUGE. A large blinking light in the front, 3 bright steady lights in back as it passed over. I tried to awaken the oldest 11 year old but could not. The object almost seemed to float and was so low that it was hard to grasp how huge it was. It just disappeared over the trees of my neighbors.

It was in the morning that I started sketching what it looked like. I realized that for something that big and that low, it should have made a horrific sound. No sound. I knew then, it was something I had never seen.

The next night, I was sketching the object on a napkin for my sister when the waitress walked by and said she had seen the same object, but years ago. She said “I seen that same object while driving home. My friend and I pulled over and about 6 other cars going in the opposite direction pulled over and they all watched it” That gave me the validation that I seen something remarkable.

She said she watched the papers for some article of an usual object as I had also done the next morning. I also called the local police and sheriffs office who directed me to FAA. The FAA had no option for reporting unusual aircraft. What is amazing to me is that nothing was in the papers.

During the fly over of the object, I was awestruck. I knew that whatever I had seen was remarkable. Trying to get my grandson awake was frustrating as I knew this was something so unusual. I was not scared during the time it went over head, nor any bad feelings the next day. I actually felt privileged to have seen it.

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