UFO Sighting in Gardner, Massachusetts on August 16th 2015 – Looked like a star moving in a straight line

I went outside to have a smoke and decided to have a look in the sky as i see these objects everynight and in different towns. There is a cemetery very close to my home and very little light giving me a great view of the sky.I was looking for less than 5 minutes when I saw the first one it was white and very bright it moved south and quickly dissapeared. Less than 2 or 3 minutes later another one white like a star was moving west and seemed to get a bit brighter as I observed it I watched it for about a minute and tried to film it but the resolution on my phones camera would not pick it up.It just faded away as they always do. I have seen these objects countless times and would love to get more info as to what they might be. We just had a meteor shower the last 3 days in a row I was actually hoping to see a meteor and I share that because these are nothing like a meteor no trail or smoke or sound or anything.I must state for the record the sheer number of these that I personally have seen leads me to believe that many many other people have seen them as well. In fact if your in the north east of the u.s. go out at night 8-10 pm seems to be best and have a look id be willing to bet you see for yourself!

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