UFO Sighting in Duluth, Minnesota on August 14th 2015 – Grandchildren pointed out light in the sky, took pics, realized what they were when we put them on the computer

It was very hot out, and the grandchildren were staying with us so we took them to the lake to swim. When we got out to the island we were going to, they asked what that light in the sky was..we did not know…It was a ways east of the sun and bright, but we could look at it without hurting our eyes. It did not move. I took pictures of it anyway. I tried to get one with the top of a tree or something in it, but it was so high up I couldn’t get anything else in the pictures. We watched for about 10 minutes, but nothing was happening, so we went about our business. I checked every once in a while–it was there for a little while, then when I looked again, it was just gone–didn’t see it leave. When we got home I put them on the computer…there were small white things in almost all the pictures, in different places around the large “thing”. When we zoomed in on the little while things, we could see a shape One of the grandsons pointed out that the small thing looks just like the things on Space Invaders….

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