UFO Sighting in Louisville, Kentucky on August 18th 1987 – Partner and I for the third time witnessed strange orb of light

My partner and I live near the Louisville airport. The very first time we saw the strange orb light it was hovering near the airport and then descended downwards and some how ascended upwards again disappearing. We know the differences between normal airplane and jets as we live right under the flight path and experience normal air traffic every day. The second time we saw this strange incredibly bright glowing white light it was traveling west to east (this was about 3 weeks ago) 8/1/15. We just saw the light for the 3rd time (8/18/2015) around 9:40 pm this time it seemed A LOT brighter. It was traveling the opposite direction then we saw it the second time north -to-south. We looked at it in binoculars but the light was to intense to see. As it started to head for a treeline, disrupting our vision. I ran towards the end of the street as fast as I could to get a better view but it seemed to have disappeared.

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