Outer Rim

This video is presentation of my personal idea about how the ‘outside world’ looks like. If you see what I mean by this video, feel free to share your ideas too!
Here you can let your imagination run wild and share it!
Do we live inside of a massive volcano that have put lid-with-stars over it?
Do we live inside of a crater that have lid-with-stars over it?
Is the Dome(with stars on it) that is causing temperature drop on its edges?
I will ban any toxic behavior on my channel :]

On the other hand if you didn’t like the video please leave without sharing your negativity here, we don’t need that. Neither do you.

**Clouds are divided by the Sun and the Moon, I have never added that in my video ~ @1:00

Here is a step-by-step guide how you can access the map that you can see on the video:
Go to http://earth.nullschool.net/
-Click on the bottom left “earth”
-Then Click on Projection: AE
-Then Click on Height 500 -play around with it
-Click again on “earth” this time on top of the pop-up menu to hide it…

BOOM! Our actual and working Earth MAP!

***Reminder: Do not move that map with your mouse as you will de-forme it, to go back to it’s original look go again through all the steps. If you want to zoom in/out use mouse scroll***

Play a bit with options, Height, Overlays etc to reveal even more, like where does the Wind/Clouds enter our plane, clouds layed on the path of our Sun… and so on!
Check how many pentagrams can you find between cloud ‘spinning points’ ekhm…radar induced…ekhm..

I never had time to put this in the video so I will clarify it here:
Chemtrails/Contrails call them whatever you want, are playing part in this as well… many parts to be precise.
Upon watching weather channels/websites and analyzing them daily I have found a few repeating pattern(s). One of them is that to change jet stream direction ‘they’ have to spray heavily so the mix of clouds/chemtrails. and moisture(WV) that is produced in sequentially switching power plants worldwide, can be manipulated easily by the radar systems. In result they will successful change the jet stream direction even on 90 degrees.
I have also used word HAARP only because it resonates with vast majority of my viewers, however haarp is outdated today and replaced by newer, faster technologies.

Other weather websites worth analyzing, daily:

Watch them regularly, daily if you can to understand weather machine that is working today.

I feel as tho I am going too far ahead with this videos, and from the perspective of a person that is new into all this I might sound crazy, weird etc but it is fine with me, I don’t mind. I am happy until I made somebody think for himself or herself (:

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