Robert Powell and Morgan Beall – The Puerto Rico UFO Video – August 19, 2015

Robert-Powell-and-Morgan-Beall-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: On April 25, 2013, during a routine flight of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) DHC-8 Turboprop aircraft in Puerto Rico, the crew spotted an unusual object. They caught the object on their thermal imaging system as it flew in from the ocean, over Rafael Hernandez Airport, then back out into the ocean. The crew did not know what it was they caught on video. Eventually, a UFO field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) discovered the existence of the video from a friend, who then allowed her and other trusted individuals to examine the video. She brought the video to Florida MUFON State Director Morgan Beall, who helped her put together a team that included Robert Powell, MUFON’s Director of Research. This team of individuals, all of whom have scientific backgrounds and/or work in technology, then spent over a year investigating the video to determine what the object might have been. They ruled out planes, balloons, drones, and birds, and, in the end, have not been able to discover its origins.

In this interview, we talk to Beall and Powell about the group’s investigation, the details of their findings, including the analysis of radar data they received via a Freedom of Information Act Request, and the feedback they have received regarding their report.

To find out more about their investigation and download the report, visit:

To read the article, visit: Leaked UFO video captured by Homeland Security analyzed

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