UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on May 15th 1997 – Silver Metallic stationary disc hovering above industrial complex then instantly vanishes

I was on the way to work in Manchester England on my mountain bike in the area of Gorton/Reddish at approximately 7.55am on a cloudless morning in about April/May 1997 and was a few hundred yards away from my factory when i looked up and saw a Metallic Silver Disc that was almost directly overhead and it was stationary.
It was about the size of a golf ball from my visionary prospective and i have 20 20 vision still to this day and was able to see without a doubt it was a classic flying saucer.

I got the feeling although very subtle that it knew i could see it as this was happening i rode under a trees foliage which also gave me the feeling if i lost sight of it it would disappear to which it absolutely did and i only lost sight of it for a second.
The sky was unhindered in the way of clouds blocking my observation so it totally vanished when in the space of as far as the eye can see in about a second.
I started laughing because i felt it had purposely shown itself to me to prove a point and the reason i say that is i was watching a lot of UFO documentaries about 3 months before and had stated in my house that i would love to see a UFO in broad daylight so i could be certain the objects were real.
The whole sighting lasted no more than 3 seconds.

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