UFO Sighting in Saint Matthews, South Carolina on July 31st 2012 – i have had more than one event in a span of a few months. they followed me to NC

I was in the house watching TV..and felt like going outside to stargaze. I went out side and looked up right at a golden white light it was right on top of the house descending about 5 to 10feet above the roof,i smiled at it and it slowly ascended back up into the sky very slow,it seemed small like a balloon or soccer ball and moved very slow.i feel like it was talking to me in my head but without words.it came back a few more times.I finally got my mother to see it one night..worried her a little..she was unsettled about it.this next thing is why I’m telling you this cause i need answers so…i was laying on the couch watching TV..and i felt like someone was watching me in from the hallway i felt something different bout the feelings i was having.I looked back again towards the hallway and that’s when i noticed a light coming out of the ceiling in the living room. I watched it ,it was so cool looking golden white light and then it started producing a bit of red light in the beam the red lights started to form like a diamond shape inside the beam..and that’s when i thought “oh damn” so i called out for someone to wake up so they could see it too..(i called for my mom)but i was unable to speak ..i felt like something wouldn’t let me talk…so i tried harder cause now im freaking out cause they wont let me speak so i had to try really hard to scream…as soon as i got out a loud “mom” it was as if i just woke up from a nightmaredream but it was not!i was in the same position on the couch and the show i was watching wasn’t on anymore..i lost time but do not know how long. ..after this happened i have seen triangle crafts. orbs,two crafts that remind me of “jacks” the little silver jacks you play with with that little rubber ball,but they were not small,and they made the power lines hum …i have seen entities, matter in fact Bigfoot showed up in my back yard during this time..i am going through changes..an awakening if you will.this is hard to talk about.it wouldn’t bother me if they just asked but i feel manipulated and violated…i just need to talk to someone that knows im not crazy. there are a couple more events but this is the one that bothers me.Thank you for you time and efforts to understand these beings.my mom and sister saw the orb.but did not see the beam inside the house.

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