Black Triangle Sighting in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas on August 19th 2015 – very large triangle craft observed at a very close distance by myself and 12 year old son

My 12 year old son and I took a detour on a country rd to avoid an interstate closure (I10w) to get home at 10pm. While driving on the dark rd, i observed several very bright lights approximatly 1 1/2 city blocks up the road right at the tree line. I said to my son “What the heck is that?” We both observed it as we drove closer to it going about 40mph. As we approached the lights a very large, black triangle shaped object became visible as we were no longer directly facing the lights. The object was not pointed like a spear, it was more elongated. The hight was about a city bus or perhaps a big thicker. The object was right next to the rd hovering or moving slowly forward directly over the tree line. As we were directly beside the object i slowed the car down, but did not stop, I looked at it as we passed it. It was black, no lights underneath and was completely silent. I had yet to process what i was looking at. As i passed it, i looked in my side mirror and the object had risen above the tree line a bit, and had a row of lights running across the entire length. The lights were white, but about 1/4 the brightness of the front lighrs. I asked my son “did you see that?” He said “YES!!” I again turned and looked back but the object was either gone or turned off the lights. I did not see the object fly away, it just wasnt there anymore. I asked my son “What did you see? He said “A huge black triangle!” He became frightened and did not want to turn around. We continued down the rd and did not see anything else. He described exactly what i saw without me describing first.

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