UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on June 15th 1980 – Huge ball (app. 200 feet wide – from my point of view) – multiple fixed colors

I was sleeping when I was awoken (at app.3.30 am) by a screeching sound. As I sat in my bed, the whole room filed with a bright lime colored light.

It toke me a second to move. I ran to the window (view on downtown Edmonton) to see for a second or two this huge ball racing over the downtown area. It left no tail from friction but was very fast. It was gone in seconds.

The next morning, as I got in my car, I always opened the radio for some music. The disk jockey was talking about the sighting. Describing exactly what I had witnessed that night. He also said that over 500 people called in that night to describe the same thing.

A few days later, a friend told me that the Canadian Air Force said that a UFO had crossed Alberta from south to north in only 15 minutes.

I have never heard of the incident since.

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