Shhh… Only For AU Viewers Only

I left school a couple of weeks ago after going for 13 years and they gave me a lot of departing gifts and such, and 20% of those gifts were links, links to what I have no idea.

I decided to open 2 links up once a week and this is a couple of…videos, I would like to share with the mortals in the year 2015.I never really look up things or utubish stuff because i already know every thing,but the links they gave me is for a purpose,i guess.

We are taught the 5 star RATING of videos on the net..we don’t deal with 4 or less,so lets hope its good.

Give the video a rating 1 to 5 stars if you may, so I will know exactly why they specifically gave me these links,lol.

Its funny, im at the school in my old room AND a note comes under the door…lol, with another link.They monitor me through the computers and the cameras they have, I guess Its a joke, its funny to me…well not really!
Can i have some privacy Please!
So lets see what these links are

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