UFO Sighting in Maroa, Illinois on September 10th 1983 – massive white luminous, featureless disc, broad daylight seen from car, hovered then flew east at impossible speed

I was a sophomore in Highschool, living in Argenta, Illinois. One afternoon, I was riding as a passenger in a car driven by an adult family friend, to go have dinner with his parents in Maroa, Illinois. We were travelling West on Washington Street Road (Macon County road 38) and had just passed the large (unique) 4-legged high voltage power pole where the north-south and northeast-southwest high voltage lines cross. (Between Leghorn Road and Brush College Road). We were travelling about 55 miles per hour. The corn and soy crops had already been harvested from the surrounding fields, the road was long and straight, and the terrain was absolutely flat. The car was a little black Gremlin of late ’70s vintage.

It was bright afternoon daylight, and hazy blue sky with only high cirrus clouds. Just above the horizon, to the left of the road my attention was drawn to what at first I thought was a glare on the windshield, but I moved left and right, and what I was looking at remained fixed in place. my attention had been drawn to it because it was huge, and hard to miss, and looked so out of place in a clear Illinois sky. For a split second, I thought it was a low, strange cloud. But then I realized it could not be a cloud, as it was so white that it appeared to be brightly luminous. It appeared to be about a mile ahead, over a farmstead to the left of the road. It looked like the entire farmstead was in the shade. In the time I observed it over the farmhouse, we closed that distance to less than half a mile. The closer we got, the clearer it became that the object was massive. It looked like a nearly flat disk, tapered at the edges, and was larger across than the farmyard and accompanying grain silo and barn, which means it had to be over 300 feet wide, possibly larger. The only way I can describe it’s appearance is: it looked as if someone had taken a knife and cut a horizontal slit in the sky, with white light shining through from behind. It was hovering level with the horizon, perfectly still, and I heard no sound from it. (but the car windows were open, and the radio was playing). There were no discernible surface features on the object. It did not pulsate, but was uniformly luminous white. The outline of the object was very clear and crisp, well defined, and smooth.

Adrenaline began to kick in for me, as it began to sink in what I was seeing with my own eyes. And then, as we were about half a mile from it, it shot east, directly over the car, momentarily casting a shadow over us. I turned to look out the back window, but I could not sight the object. It had not accelerated to speed. One moment, it was perfectly still, and then it was moving east at an amazing, apparently uniform speed, keeping constant altitude, in a perfectly straight line along the left side of the road. It covered the half mile distance in less than a second, and I lost sight of it after it passed more or less directly over us.

I was excited and frightened. I had not said a word to the driver while I was looking at it… I felt transfixed, and couldn’t take my eyes off it. When it flashed over the car, I turned around to spot it again, but could not. Then I looked at the driver, certain that he must have seen the same thing. He had turned white as a sheet. (He was an avid Baptist, in whose world view, such things as UFOs were not included.) He could tell I was looking at him, and slowly turned his head, but as soon as he met my eyes, and could clearly see my agitation, he snapped his head back to look at the road, and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I asked “You saw that, didn’t you?!” He was visibly shaking. He said “it was probably just a glare on the windshield. I said “That was no glare on the windshield!” After that, he refused to ever speak of what he saw. But I could tell he was scared. He was usually a very easygoing guy (in his 30’s) and I’d never seen him look so disturbed.

As we came past the farmhouse where it had been hovering, I asked him to stop, but he ignored me, and actually accelerated. A couple of minutes later, we arrived in Maroa, Illinois. I told his elderly parents what we had seen… and even when they asked him about it, he just laughed it off, and refused to even describe what he saw. I was in a state of jumpy agitation all night, and I sat by the window in their kitchen, looking at the sky until it was time for our meal.

The car and its electrical systems were not disturbed at all during the event, nor did either of us experience any peculiar physical effects… apart from being shaken up by what we had witnessed.

I made a sketch some years later, but my description here is more than sufficient to understand the appearance of the object.

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