UD Professor Talks Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories

DAYTON, OHIO — A University of Dayton history professor, whos also an expert on the Kennedy assassination, believes lingering questions about the presidents death could be answered.Today is the 50th anniversary of the event which changed America.Dr. Larry Schweikart believes there was only one gunman who killed President Kennedy, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Dr. Schweikart has studied the forensic evidence, and he says it shows the bullets all came from Oswald’s gun.Yet people remain fascinated by the mystery. He says it’s fueled by the efforts to get rid of Cuban president Fidel Castro, mafia leads, J.F.K.’s affairs, and discrepancies with the president’s body.The gunshot wound was bigger when he arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and he hadn’t been in a body bag when he left Dallas, but Schweikart says 99% of the questions could be answered.There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t think has come out yet. I think Oswald acted alone, but the best way to solve all of this would be for the Kennedys to come clean and open the archives, and let everyone look at all this stuff, he says.Schweikart says the media didn’t do its job and pursue leads that would’ve embarrassed the Kennedy family.Many have pushed for the rest of the documents pertaining to J.F.K.’s assassination to be released by the national archives, but that’s not scheduled to happen until 2017. Schweikart is the author of 48 Liberal Lies About American History.

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