UFO Sighting in Hutto, Texas on August 13th 2015 – “V” shaped, silent, dark gray/brownish in appearance

I was sitting in my back yard with 2 friends on the night of 8/13/15 to observe the meteor shower. There was not a lot of “falling stars” happening, so we were just staring off in different directions to see what we could see. There were no lights on in the house, and no “light pollution” from the front of the house. The most light we had outside that night was the construction lights for the highway a couple of blocks away to the South, giving the horizon a yellowish glow, so we just avoided looking in that direction. We live in a house backed by empty and unused fields, so I was excited to have no lights to mess with our vision as well. Around 11:30 p.m., I observed what I had originally thought to be a shooting star moving West to East. As it got closer to me, I realized several things that stuck with me: It never changed speed, it never changed altitude, it didn’t put off any light (like a “falling star” would), and it was absolutely silent. I followed it from horizon to horizon until I couldn’t see it anymore, and while it didn’t put off any light, it appeared to be a dark gray or brownish color. It was a “V” shape, and it was blocking the light from the stars as it passed over me.

Sorry for reporting this so late, but I am honestly not sure what I saw. It has been haunting me though, always kind of in the back of my mind at weird times since I saw the thing.

I just thought I would throw the information at someone who knew what to do with it and see if you had received any other reports from the area that night.

Take care.

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