Black Triangle Sighting in Sackville, New Brunswick on May 10th 2004 – Silent, Large, Dark Black Triangle flew over the heads of 3 friends and I, at a low elevation.

Three friends and I were walking through the woods of our small rural town one day after High school. We decided to go the gravel pit nearby and climb atop one of the huge mounds of gravel for fun. Incidentally, this also put us above the tree line for a good view. We were sitting atop the gravel pile just chatting and hanging out, around the time of dusk. It was not dark at all, but certainly not fully light either. As I was looking towards the horizon above the tree-line, I noticed a really big bright white “star” right on the horizon, or what I thought to be a star at first, just above the tee line. Being quite familiar with the sky, this object looked out of place to me. No stars were at this position at this time of the day/month, at this brightness, nor did this look like some far away street or house lights. I looked at it for about a minute, then I pointed to it brought it to the attention of my 3 friends. Slowly, it started moving up from the horizon to the right, held its position, retaining the same point like, bright, white light qualities. It then began moving across the sky to the left, and held its position. I remember thinking “heck, this isn’t a star, but what kind of craft can do that sort of maneuver, planes and jets have to fly strait and can’t stop”.

We were all watching at this point. Then it started getting bigger as if it were moving closer and we realized it was coming towards us. As it got closer we realized it was not one light, but three lights in a triangular form on a clearly outlined dark black “craft” (I believe the three lights, appeared blurred into one white light at first, because it was too far for our eyes, and upon coming closer we were able to view it correctly). The craft came directly at us and proceeded to move directly in front of us, above our heads, at an extremely low altitude, at a height I would roughly estimate to be a 100-200ft. There was no sound. Nothing. No combustion process whatsoever, no exhaust trail. Just what seemed like the sound of an object moving through the air, almost inaudible. It was completely black and I couldn’t make out any surface features on the object, except for 3 lights, one on each corner. It slowly flew over and past us, maybe at about a speed of 40-60km/hr. Then it just proceeded to move out of sight towards the horizon at the same speed.

We were completely wild and distraught, stunned and bewildered at what we had seen. We realized this was something truly unconventional. I think about this incident quite often, and have even driven back out to the spot with one of the witnesses. Only now have I felt compelled to say something about it — was this advanced military technology, or other-worldly?

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