Cookie Cutter Phenomenon.

Hi guys, I’ve been meaning to start a thread on this strange phenomenon for a while now, but haven’t gotten round to do it….. It’s the highly mysterious little brain teaser known as “The Cookie Cutter Phenomenon.”

…and I see that our good friend (and collator-in-chief) Soul-Drifter had already covered the mystery some years ago, but alas the thread has been closed. …[reading through it makes me nostalgic for a couple of the old posters Bart where are you old buddy?] …..…henomenon.html

…anyway,…I first came across this quirk of forteana when looking into the ‘Hessdalen Lightshow Phenomena’ from the possible ‘extraterrestrial-angle’ years ago and foolishly thought that it was a unique and isolated occurrence, that made no sense whatsoever (ET-wise) and leaped to the (probably-erroneous) opinion that it was more than likely a ‘publicity-prank’ …and so discarded the event (..or, non-event as I then thought!)…but then a while back, whilst reading the Professor’s (always brilliant) blog…I was alerted to the “1984 Washington State’s Mystery Hole” and was immediately reminded of the Hessdalen event!…it was then that I started to take the phenomenon seriously, and thought that i’d stumbled across something new to the forum…but a quick site-search told me that very little slides past SD. :tongue2: …. anyway, the upshot is that just about anything that i’d managed to glean about the phenomenon and possible explanations (admittedly not very much) was already in SD’s thread years ago,…but I thought that it was a puzzling mystery well worth a revisit for me, and some of the other people that had was not already familiar with it!


1984: Colville Reservation, WA.

A farm operator on Native American land, Fred Timm [with his two sons] worked both wheat fields and ranched cows. One day his sons were out herding the cattle when, near a wheat field, they came across a fresh hole in the ground. The hole was not geometrical but roughly “pear-shaped”, about ten feet long and seven wide at its fattest point. The depth of the hole varied within a 1 1/2 to 2 foot range. The sides were fairly sharp.

Then they noticed the chunk of earth which came out of the hole lying 70+ feet away, The dimensions of the giant clod matched the hole precisely in size and shape. It was as if, as observers stated, a giant cookie-cutter had come to Earth and removed the piece and dumped it 73 feet away. The chunk was estimated to weigh greater than two tons.

The mystery deepened when the brothers observed that there was no sign of Earth-moving equipment anywhere. There were no tracks of any kind. Somehow a huge piece of soil had been taken up from the ground forcefully, and placed back down gently enough so that the Superclod retained its shape.

Things got worse. Investigators looked closely at the straightline path between the hole and the displaced earth piece. There was no debris from the Superclod along that line. But there WERE small “droppings” elsewhere. Those droppings indicated that the airborne clod went from its natural location to where it landed by “flying an arc.” [The only other explanation seemed to be that, if the chunk “flew a straight line”, then the debris had to be displaced in the arc by strong winds … which just happened to pick up at the beginning of the “flight”, smoothly gain strength throughout the travel until the halfway point, and then smoothly drop back to zero at the landing site … or some other such unexpected wind coincidence.] The clod also rotated during its travel, landing 20degrees counterclockwise to its original orientation.

The Cookie Cutter Phenomenon

…..I’m by no means championing the “UFO did it, and there can be no other natural explanation” line of thought on this phenomenon!…in fact, a more ‘Earthly unknown rare geological mechanism’ sounds a lot more convincing than another one of those ‘mysterious Alien exercises’ to me….suffice to say that i’m thoroughly baffled by the damn thing. lol. ….and i’m not sure that anyone has made a good fist of a prosaic explanation for the phenomena…and as usual ‘The Prof’ says it best…


All manner of hilariously stupid “explanations” have been floated so that Skeptics can sleep well at night; nothing comes remotely close to even being worth remembering. Even the desperation “it’s a hoax” speculation falls short given the number of investigators involved and the absence of serious [heavy] equipment marks.
This just seems to be a “pure” Fortean phenomenon — deal with it.

The Big Study: Out Proctor?: Doesn’t scare me … much.


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