Alien Encounter in Woodbury, Minnesota on August 21st 2015 – Spit off from case# 69768: Possible MILAB or abduction experience

This case is split off from case# 69560 and Case# 69768.
This is the third in a series of events that occurred to the witness in July/August of 2015 involving anomaly events of the 3rd, 4th and 5th kind

Event description (copied from case# 69768:
On 8/21/15 I was awakened 3 times during the night due to hear noise
coming from my living room. The first and second time I checked the living
room all was normal. However, on the second check, I found myself having a full blown allergy attack (related to hay fever). This could only have occurred if I had been awake and aware for 10 minutes.

The third time I checked the Living Room was at 4:00am and I found that the dishwasher was going. I felt a strange feeling and said to myself “They are here again.” I immediately blacked out.

In the morning I woke up 2.5 hours late. I felt shaky and out of sorts mentally. At 6:00pm I left a message for my SD indicating I needed help and assistance and it was UFO related. By 7:00pm my mental condition was back to normal. I remember feeling very angry
that something was “messing with me.”

I just had a benevolent ET event (CL Note: case# 69560) on 7/29/15, therefore it didn’t make sense that they would come back and start
sneaking around and abduct me twice and leave me in a mentally impaired

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