UFO Sighting in Boyd, Minnesota on August 16th 2015 – Human Helps ET

On 8/16/15 I fell asleep at approximately 10:45pm. I awoke at 11:45pm in
the middle of an alien abduction. I found myself on board an alien craft
and in a meeting with 7 entities. This group consisted of Greys and 3
different type of entities I had met before during an earlier abduction.
I had been told that the 3 unknown alien races were having problems with
reproduction. A grey, telepathically, asked me if I was willing to act as
a host again and to carry a hybrid fetus. I agreed. I was brought to a
different room with an examining table. I was placed on the table and
then put to sleep for the impregnation procedure. I recall being returned
home to my bed in a bright light. I had been gone with the aliens for
2 hours.

On 8/22/15 I was abducted again. I woke up about 4:00am while I was being
returned to my bed. I fell back to sleep and awoke in the morning as usual.
I recalled seeing huge eyes looking at me. I also recall seeing 12 metal
containers that were incubators. Attached to each container was my personal
identification information. My navel and vagina were sore. There were red
marks on my neck, and my neck was painful. I was exhausted.

On 8/25/15 During my monthly period I passed clumps of tissue that looked
like nothing I had ever seen before. The strange appearance was very
scary. I have prepared a sample which I plan to send for DNA testing.

It is interesting to note that last month on 7/24/15 I had a hybrid fetal
sac removed from my uterus by a grey. A detailed report of this experience
is on file with Mufon in Case#68551.

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