Black Triangle Sighting in ebenezer, Missouri on August 24th 2015 – Triangle shape object with three very large lights the got brighter when they were above vehical

I was traveling south bound on Hwy 13 coming back from Kansas City driving on Hwy 13 about 20 miles from Springfield, Missouri. I noticed the object because of the bright white light coming from the front of the object. The light approaching me from the south traveling north directly above the hwy.I thought the object was a helicopter using a spotlight when I first noticed it. As the object and the car I was driving engaged each other I was able to look up at what I estimate to be approximately 100 feet above the car at three very large round lights on the bottom of the object. The very large white lights were positioned in a triangle configuration. As the object became directly above the vehicle the lights grew extremely bright for 5-10 seconds. When the lights became dark I look directly behind the vehicle to locate the object and observed it 1-3 miles north of the current position of my vehicle traveling north above hwy 13. I never felt threatened by the object at any time but more stunned and captivated once I wasn’t able to understand what I was seeing. I felt warm during the increase in light as it was above the vehicil. The duration of the event was approximately 5 minutes

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