The Power of Conscious Intention

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The Silver Shield Group was founded in 2011 by Chris Duane to act as a refuge for the Aware and Prepared. A private forum where members could share their path in a “troll” free environment. What started out as a a monthly newsletter seeking to create an intellectual foundation for the next paradigm, has grown into so much more.

The Silver Shield Group now has it’s own weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Brooks. Each week Chis Duane applies logic to everything from recent events to silver and even the philosophy of the next paradigm. This unique perspective has attracted over 100,000 subscribers on The Greatest Truth Never Told on YouTube, but this Silver Shield Group is about real friends learning real skills and stacking real wealth.

While there are certainly a lot of newsletters and forums out there none of them have weekly, exclusive micro mintages of Silver Shield strikes. The most hardcore stackers know that it is not just all about ounce count, it also has to do with evocative designs and rarity. Each week Silver Shield Group members are offered a chance to purchase micro mintages with unique certificates of authenticity. In addition, we also have Flash Sales that provide incredible insider deals. Your SSG membership also includes free shipping, as well as international delivery.

So to give you an idea of what kind of value you can expect from stacking Silver Shield Group Exclusive Strikes, let’s look at a couple of releases from just this year.

The first release of the Silver Shield Group exclusive Pyramid of Power series, We Indoctrinate You was offered to our members for $35 including shipping and recently sold for $169 on eBay. The other 6 releases of the series consistently double in value almost overnight.

The 5 oz Trivium Girls release was offered for $175 including shipping and are now fetching as much as $500 on eBay.

Some of the mirco mintages are as small as only 55 strikes, like the 2015 Freedom “Flower” Girl. It was offered for $175 including shipping and recently sold on eBay for $329.

So in a way, the Silver Shield Group pays for itself if you are a hardcore stacker.

If you are not interested in the rare weekly strikes, then the weekly podcast provides valuable insight, that you will not find in any of the alternative media.

And now for the first time ever, you choose what the Silver Shield Group membership is worth to you. Simply choose any of the monthly subscriptions below and receive the same access to the Silver Shield Group.

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