UFO Sighting in North Highlands, California on July 27th 2013 – Weird cloud-looking object floating/hovering c.15 feet off the ground.

It was sometime around July of 2013. I was in my bedroom. I was looking out the window because I was expecting the Delta Aquarrids Meteor Shower if I recall correctly. There were three of my friends outside in the grass field of the Apartments. Around 11:15, the three girls left to a friend’s place somewhere not far from the apartment area. Apparently, the Meteor Shower began. I stayed there to look at the meteor shower. Around 11:30 pm, I was still looking at the meteor shower since the girls were still at a friend’s house. I was enjoying the view with awe due to my interest in Astronomy. Eventually, I turned to my right, and something from the sky appeared. At first, I thought that it was an aircraft or balloons perhaps. As it came closer, I noticed that it wasn’t any of those. Eventually, this object was moving at a steady speed of about a foot per second, about 15 feet over the apartment’s swimming pool. This object appeared to change into different figure continually. It did not have a fixed shape. It appeared to have an appearance of a cloud almost. It was about 20 feet from me. At first, I thought I was just seeing things, but my sister was also looking out the window. She was getting scared and said:”Al? What is that?”. Immediately I ducked down hoping that this unknown object would not see me. This object was hovering/floating over the swimming pool for about 10 seconds. Then, it began to change course to the Northwest. It emitted no light. I could not tell its actual color due to the yellow lights of the swimming pool area. It emitted no sound whatsoever. There was no wind at all during this time of that night. As it floated away, it appeared to emit some light. When the girls came back, the object was completely gone. I could not sleep for most of that night. At morning, I told some of my friends of what I saw. I did not considered it, or classified it, as a UFO as most people think it means. But I did identify it as an unidentified object. I told my mom about it. But she said it could have been the Devil. I told my next door neighbor, James, and told him what I saw. His opinion was that I could have been a Military Drone that he have been hearing about in the news. I told him that it was illogical because it did not have a familiar aircraft shape or design and that there was no sound coming from it. For days after the event I did not get enough sleep because of staying up to see if the object would ever come back. It never did. Later, I found out that there was a US Air Force Recruiting Area exactly where the unknown object flew. Regardless of what I knew, I kept the matter confidential to myself and destroyed anything I wrote about it. It was until about late December of 2013 that I told an elder in my congregation (or church). And it was in July 2015 that I recorded an account of the matter

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