UFO Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on November 30th 2014 – 5 Red lights were seen hovering

Walking outside the work place with a coworker and someone passing by outside called to us and asked us to look up in the sky. When I looked up there were only 4 lights left but originally there were 5 that were hovering in the sky in a row. They didn’t move but they disappeared one by one. 1st was the middle then left then right then left and then the last one. This was above the the Navy base but no other aircraft was around. The person who called to us was freaking out and my coworker and I figured if there wasn’t any military personnel freaking out they may have known about it. I am reporting it now because no one in the military or otherwise could explain to me what it was or why it had disappeared and in a pattern.

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