UFO Sighting in Guayaquil, Guayas on September 30th 1992 – sighting in Ecuador

goodnight amis 42 years this is my story, is real and without exaggeration, the first was at age 10 had a meeting 31 December in moments that my family celebrated the New Year in the city of Guayaquil, I was hiding me my uncles, I hid in the back of a van, while lying saw in the sky a round shape with many lights of various colors, the truth is that I only remember seeing my family this flying saucer not me and found a few hours after waking up me sane in my bed, and arrives to h …… do not know the second sighting was in my 18 years when he was performing the militia in eastern Ecuador you were near the 7pm night and we were forming a group of military and saw into the sky and saw a light in the starry sky that had a light like star that went from one place to another and changing directions estubo having it near a 20 minutes and then desaarecio in fiemamento, I believe in UFO’s, and what I saw Real News, this is what I saw hope to have an answer, and offer my support to your research

att. walter roses
Stale Ecuador Guayaquil City

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