UFO Sighting in Grundy, Virginia on June 22nd 2012 – Looked over my left shoulder & there it was.

One evening just before dark between 8:30PM & 9:00PM on June 22,2012 I went out back for a smoke. I had just lit my cigarette & took a few puffs & call it intuition or whatever but, I suddenly had the feeling to look over my left shoulder up over the tree line behind me. I looked up & saw a “dime” sized round shaped object floating through the air. I kept listening for an engine noise of somekind but so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop! No birds or bugs churping, nothing! I couldn’t make out how far the object was in the sky. My first thought was, I’ll run inside & get my camera & take some pictures! Then my second thought was, I’d better stay here & watch to see if it takes off suddenly! You don’t know how bad I struggled with this knowing no one would believe me unless I had some sort of proof! But at the time, it was more important for me to watch every moment of the object I was witnessing since it only happens maybe 1nce in a lifetime so I stayed! The whole event lasted about half way through my cigarette. I guess about 4 mins. in total. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! The hair literally raised up on the back of my neck & that’s only happened 1 other time in my life! It literally made a straight-line pass over my house & passed over my aunt & uncles house through the treelines & slowly disappeared out of site! The surface of it looked “mirror-like” as if it were reflecting the faint clouds & blue sky around it. Dark in color. No lights, No sound, No kind of emmissions whatsoever! It never changed shape 1 bit on it’s surface. You would think it would change shape as it went over the mountaintop. Just looked like a dime sized ball shaped object. Kind of pewter black in color. It was incredible! I went from feeling like I had just won the lottery to, Oh wow, nobody is going to take me seriously if I tell them about this. So, it was a mixed bag of an encounter. I told a few of my relatives & after a few looks of,”This guy is smoking something” I just stopped talking. Really a bummer to experience something so spectacular & then get ridiculed & labeled as being some sort of whacko for even mentioning ufo’s. Since then & even before then I have looked up in the sky at dark only & have seen lights going from one part of the sky to the other in less than a second fast like someone shining a very bright light in the sky only no beams being emitted from the ground to very slow glowing objects going in straight lines like a plane does only it looks like a star in the sky moving very slowly. I never really took the whole ufo thing seriously, even after seeing the lights zipping around like stars from one end to the other. My dad said they were satalites. I told him, I don’t think satalites move that fast. Since my siting I always make sure I look up like I always do to watch the stars. After watching a show about ufo’s I searched sightings of ufo’s on june 22, 2012 & all of these links with the same exact date popped up from surrounding states around me! That’s when I decided to file this report. Just in case you guys have heard of any sightings on this particular date around my area or surrounding states. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Ford Smith

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