UFO Sighting in Levittown, New York on August 22nd 2015 – orange orbs appeared in N. sky then ascended and traveled S. in a straight horizontal line

Driving east bound on the highway on august 22, 2015 approx 9:30 p.m. an orange orb appeared in front of us overhead, traveling approx the speed of a helicopter and with no sound. It seemed to have no structure. We turned into a parking lot at which time we observed 2 more orbs traveling north to south at a gradual incline at what seemed to be the same speed as the first orb . All 3 orbs seemed to ascend to same height and follow the same path. As the 3 orbs reached a point when our view was obstructed by trees and houses, we noticed 2 more orbs. the height of the first 3 they maintained the same path . When this was over we left and about 2 hours later saw a 6th orb pass over and like the others this also made no sound . As a side note, a friend of mine who was a few miles south of where we were watching this happen, saw the first 3 pass over, then hover for a brief time then start to head back north, then change direction again and head south and then just vanish . We also have several video clips of the orbs and we are sending pics, too. Also we checked a UFO database and this is the 3rd sighting in the past month of objects like this .

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