UFO Sighting in Sevierville, Tennessee on August 29th 2015 – On 08282015 and 08292015 a white round dot light was seen in eastern sky shortly following an airplane moved eradically fast in several different directions, next day we had awhile ash substance fall from sky not sure if it’s related to lights or not

On 08282015 around 2330hrs I did observe a white round sphere shaped unexplained light in the Eastern sky which shortly followed a plane that just flew over, this light moved very fast in several directions and went from east to then north and disappeared, a plane or searchlight could not move like this, the next evening around 2000 thru 2030hrs me and others did observe white ash substance falling from sky that almost looked like very light snowflakes falling on an 86 degree evening, when the substance was touched it would turn to powder like burnt ash does, I contacted the National weather service, the local Sheriff’s dept, and local fire dept ref to the white ash substance and there was no report of fire or burning in area anywhere and no one could offer explanation, there was no smoke smell or smoke seen prior to dark either, I did take pics of the ash substance but it was after dark and they did not turn out well, but I did save them anyway, the ash slightly covered our porch and vehicles, I have never seen anything like this before and was a Police Officer for nearly 10 years

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