Black Triangle Sighting in Garden Plain, Kansas on June 30th 1991 – Noticed lights ow on horizen that appeared to be getting further apart. Craft slowly approached and continued from west to east, directly overhead.

(Time and date provided are estimated to best of my recollection.)

I was home on leave from the U.S Navy. My wake/sleep hours were off having recently been stationed aboard the USS Wisconsin during Desert Shield/Desert Storm Operations.

I was outside my parents house, listening to music on my car radio.

To the west of the house, about 100 yards away is our towns lumber yard. I noticed, because I look at the stars often, two equally bright white lights, which I assumed were stars, just above the roof of one of the buildings of the lumber yard. I didn’t think much of them, other than noticing that they were both an equal height above the roof of this building.

Looking back in that direction a few minutes later, it seemed that these two lights had moved further apart. At first I figured I was imagining it. The more I looked back however, the more the distance between the two lights seemed to grow. Because of this, I starting watching continuously.

Within a few more minutes, it was clear that these two lights did in fact appear to be moving further apart, but not up. I got a little nervous when the lights seemed to be getting closer to where I was standing in the street next to my car.

In a couple more minutes, the lights were almost directly over-head and there was no sound at all. I would say it seemed to be moving across the sky above me at about 10 miles an hour, tops.
I got nervous about what I was seeing, and climbed inside my car and shut of the radio. The car I was driving at the time was a 68 mustang, in which the previous owner had installed a sunroof. I watched thru this sunroof as the craft continued to pass over-head, still not making a sound. If I had been a little more brave, and had had a flash-light, I am convinced that I would have been able to shine a beam of light onto the object.

I could not see any color or really even the shape of the craft aside from a few lights.

As stated earlier, there were two lights on the front of this object. (I say front meaning the end of the object that approached my first.) In the middle of this object, was a V shape consisting of 5-7 red lights which rotated in a clockwise direction, pivoting on a center red light.

I sat, silently inside my car and watched as it slowly moved across the sky directly above myself and the car,without making a sound, through my neighborhood.

Before I got into my car, I could see that there was only 1 white light at the tail end of the object, however, upon discussing this encounter later with a friend, it was brought to my attention, that although I remember rushing into my parents house once the craft was gone to awaken my mother and tell her about what I just witnessed, I didn’t, and still don’t, actually remember seeing the back end of the craft after i had gotten into the car. Meaning I don’t actually remember seeing it moving away, I just remember thinking. “Okay, it’s gone. It’s safe to get out of the car and hurry inside the house.

If I were to estimate the size of the object, I would say it was about the length of a football field and, and the front, at least as wide.

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