UFO Sighting in Llano, California on March 31st 1994 – Something came down over my home but there was no sound, just blinding light. When it left an hour had past.

In early April, 1994, my son and I were watching television, the news had just started, so it was about 5 p.m. and all of a sudden a blinding light came down over my home. My son and I jumped up and I grabbed him and held him close. There was absolutely no sound. I felt like my brain was racing and my chest was hurting like there was pressure all around us. I couldn’t seem to move or think. My son was shaking uncontrollably. When it finally left I sat on the floor and just let my breathing slow down. My son wouldn’t say a word and just kept shaking his head. That’s when I looked at my watch and saw that it was an hour later. I also realized that my dog was quiet and my cats were hiding.

The next day I tried to talk to my neighbors about it but everyone told me that I needed to be quiet about it. They wouldn’t say anything to me. Two days after it happened, a man came and said that he needed to inspect my house for the landlord. I told him that I hadn’t been informed by the landlord so he couldn’t come onto the property. He left and I figured that was the end of it. No such luck. The same guy followed my son and myself into town the next day and then followed us home. When I got into the house I knew that someone had been there. My dog was locked up in the back yard and he was whining. Our horse was running around her pen so she was agitated.

I was so mad that I tried to call the sheriff’s office but the phone service was dead. I was scared and I locked the doors and loaded a gun. I kept my son home from school and didn’t go anywhere for a week. My phone started working two days later, but by then I no longer wanted to talk about it to anyone. My son has refused to ever talk about it.

When I saw your “Hanger One” show tonight I decided to finally tell someone.

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