UFO Sighting in Riverside, California on September 13th 1994 – Flew very slow towards us,a red orb of dim light.Red almost like a traffic light red light.As it approached me and my friends,it made No sound.We all thought it was a police helicopter,So we paid it no mind,until it was right over us.then it shot away.

Me my girlfriend at the time,Tisha Valencia,and 5 friends were hanging out in my friends backyard in riverside California.we all noticed a red light coming towards us from a distance.it took about 3-4 minutes,then we saw it approaching over head,just maybe 10-20 feet above the tree line.we all thought it was a police helicopter,because they always fly around the area.When we all noticed it wasn’t a helicopter approaching,or plane,balloon,Chinese lantern,fire work,rocket,it was a totally silent,and about as big as a VW bus.There was no vehicle that was eminating the light,which was very bright red,like a traffic light,but a dim dull red.when we all said “look at that”,it stopped and hovered above us for about 30 seconds. We stood watching,trying to find an explanation for what it was we were looking at,when it shot so fast up, diagonally,we thought it vanished.But I noticed,And showed my friends,A diagonal huge trail of reddish orange light in a line shape,shooting up in an angle,then shooting in the opposite angle and direction,really high up in the sky,until it was so far up in space,we couldn’t see it any more.The craft shot up so fast,my mind couldn’t understand what it was.I was baffled.we all were baffled.we went through every possible explanation for what it could be,and we all came to the conclusion,that me and my girlfriend at the time,And five friends,witnessed a UFO.I never reported or told anyone about it,for fear of ridicule.this was roughly 1993,1994,end of Summer.Thank you.

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