Alien Encounter in Silverton, Idaho on August 31st 2015 – Entity in bedroom

I’ve reported about entities in my room before but this time they seem to have affected every thing electronic in my room when it came. It was about 8 foot tall and about 4-5 feet away. The time of the occurrence was around 1PM, my watch stopped at that time. It stood there for between 3-5 minutes before turning around and slowly vanishing. Once again, my dog did not react to it being in the room and the other dogs that I now live with didn’t react either. I did not see anything that looked like a craft when I looked outside nor did I see what looked like a landing area. My cell phone hasn’t been able to hold a charge all day and went from about a 90% charge (had been off the charger for 2 hours) to a “critical” charge (less than 10%) just over the time frame of the entity being in my room.

The entity was a dark green, almost black, with vertical pupils and yellow colored eyes. It had 3 ridges on it’s head, one down the center and one on each side just over where the ears would be. Its mouth looked somewhat like a muzzle but was more blunt and wide. It wore a tan colored uniform with grey stripes down the sides of the pants and in insignia that looked like two triangles pointing at each other at the tops.

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