Favorite UFO type

Although the classic flying saucer is thought to be the disc with a dome on top, the very first UFO report made by Kenneth Arnold in June of 1947 was nothing like what most view as the classic UFO.


The Roswell crash approximately 2 weeks later was also not a classic UFO shape. Oddly enough it’s more similar to what Arnold saw than a classic UFO. Below is an artists rendition based on eyewitness testimony of those who claim to have seen the craft that went down in Corona, NM


The classic UFO, disc with a dome is without a doubt my personal favorite. A lot of others have been reported and recorded lately but this is still my choice.

classic saucer.jpg

The type that I have seen personally the most is what I call a ball bearing with one headlight. Sometimes a white light and sometimes red. They look similar to this:


The bell is another reported style. This is the type alleged to have crashed in Kecksburg, PA.


Recently the triangular is reported often. It seems to have started with the Belgium flap then made most famous by the Phoenix Lights.


Another often reported type is the morphing UFO. These seem to have no true shape and look very non-aerodynamic at best. Very jagged edges and look like something that shouldn’t even be capable of flight.


The cigar shaped UFO is another that looks like it shouldn’t be capable of flight. Said to be piloted by reptilians. I’ve seen one of these in person and found it extremely odd as there was no front or back and no windows. It’s a very odd thing to see.


My question is which of the above (or others not mentioned) is your favorite?

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