UFO Sighting in Fairport, New York on August 31st 2015 – Too much detail

Around 11:30ish tonight 8/31/15, i Was walking from my apartment to the dumpster when I notice a very large goldish light moving pretty fast in the sky. It was really bright and didn’t blink once so I stopped and gazed at it. The thing was booking across the sky, then once it hit the horizon it took off then faded away. I then continued minding my own business and headed towards the trash. On my way back to the building I caught a shine in the corner of my left eye. I turn my head only, what I Imagen was the same golden object, only closer, much closer. This I could make out what looked to be a white or shinning metallic surface. It had an even brighter center which seemed translucent. In my head, my thoughts go from amazement to fear as I thought it was at a tractor beam of the sorts. Either way I didn’t stick around to find out. I took off into the building and entered my apartment in a panic, even freaked out my girlfriend

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