UFO Sighting in Livermore Falls, Maine on August 31st 2015 – riding in car saw bright light over field stioped observed it flashed it with light it took pics

I was out for a evening ride,drinking coffee listening to a broadcast.
on a rural country road,when to the left of the car across a field,I wittnesed a unusually bright light in the western sky,I was going to turn around to get a better look but, I knew their was another field 4 times as big as the one i just passed about 300 yards ahead and i could get a better look there.As I approached the next field and it came into view, I could see this bright light clearly. It was so bright it made me see in blurry double vision and squint,I said to myself this is no star its too low to bright.I pulled to the side of road shut off car to see if i could hear anything from it, I could not,I watched it waiting for movement anything but it stayed stationary with its super bright light, then I thought of my cell phone turned and grabbed it from the dash of my car,then I had the idea of turning on my phones flash light and flashed it to see if i could get a reaction,bad idea the damn thing dimmed a little and started to move.I turned off the light, double tapped the home button for the camera to start and as, I did the light got bright again and it started moving real fast towards me too fast. I snapped pictures in succession 5 of them!”the first being small because of the distance but at the end of the 5th pic it was almost on top of me, that”s when i began to freak out.I just watched it come in my direction with marked anticipation,I didn’t know what was going to happen,all I could see at first was the bright white light of what I assumed was the front of the craft still no noise and it was close,I could not make out a shape yet because the light was so bright,as it was almost over the top of me, and the car, a little to the left side this is where it starts to take shape kinda like a broad arrow tip, in front to a half diamond shape in the back of craft with solid exterior lights blue, red, and green.And as it flew right over me approximetly 100 to 150 feet their was a low vibrating buzz or humm, at this point my heart was racing. I was already panicked but it passed over me headed west, north west, and disappeared behind the trees on the right side of the road.This is when I made my move and got the H E double tooth pics out of their.I kept watching the sky but never caught site of it again.

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