Aliens Living Under Pluto’s Crust?

By Andrew       Pluto’s crust could have alien life living underneath it, according to Brian Cox. The dwarf planet’s surface is made up of a crust, which includes huge icy mountains, that is very unlikely to have anything living on it. But underneath that could be warm oceans, which might be able […]

Does Your Personality Affect Your Dog? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Researchers are trying to find out how your personality affects your dog’s behavior. Learn how you can participate in the largest citizen science project of its kind. by Kristin Butler When I adopted my dog Kia from a puppy rescue center three years ago, I became a member of a growing sub-culture of people who focus their […]

Stunning carved Martian Stone Head stands at the entrance to a Cave

A recent image photographed by the Curiosity Mars Rover shows what looks very much like an ancient carved Martian stone head that appears to depict a face and it stands at the entrance to a cave. Considering the shadow under the head, it looks like it is lifted and held by a rock that resembles […]