Five Stupid Things About JFK Conspiracy Theories

Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. Unless you ask a Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorist, that is. And if you ask enough Kennedy conspiracy theorists, you’ll eventually reach the conclusion that Oswald was the only person alive in 1963 who wasn’t involved.

UFO MOVIE! Hangar 52 “We Are Not Alone” Episode 1-10 Exclusive 2015

Every Two Weeks Subscribe Not To Miss A must see Alien Abduction, Redemption- Action Film. Hangar 52 “We are not alone” An action, adventure thriller that centers around a young boy and his mysterious relationship with E.T.’s. A story of a family struggle, with the threat of intergalactic war hanging in the balance. A war […]

UD Professor Talks Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories

DAYTON, OHIO — A University of Dayton history professor, whos also an expert on the Kennedy assassination, believes lingering questions about the presidents death could be answered.Today is the 50th anniversary of the event which changed America.Dr. Larry Schweikart believes there was only one gunman who killed President Kennedy, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. […]

UFO Sightings Broad Day Light UFO Australia UFO Hunter Captures Incredible Videos 2014

UFO Sightings Over Western Australia UFO Hunter Captures Incredible Videos 2014! “Australian Phenomena” Dylan UFO Hunter From Australia Speaks Exclusive With Thirdphaseofmoon! Check out Dylan Channel Click Link! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Music by Paul Barrett Kvfive Visit our new website Facebook […]

Dave Chapelle breaks his Illuminati “Spell” Part 1

Dave Chapelle talks about the entertainment industry to a group of aspiring actors. I have edited this 1 1/12 hour documentary down to 25 minutes. This is full of information. He explains why he left to Africa and why he bought a farm in Ohio. Dave is like other celebrities who have broken their Illuminati […]

UFO Sighting in El Dorado, Arkansas on August 27th 2003 – Seen a metallic sphere, ride parallel to our work truck, I pointed , it went straight up, then disappeared , lost time after the event, bout 3 hours, something was tryn to make me forget like it was a dream , kept asking boss do he remembered wat had just

Riding to a job on the county road, while talking to my boss , I observers a metallic sphere riding parallel to our vehicle, while observing it, I ask my boss wat did he think it was, he looked at it an replied, I don’t know, then I said , an they say it isn’t […]

Black Triangle Sighting in Garden Plain, Kansas on June 30th 1991 – Noticed lights ow on horizen that appeared to be getting further apart. Craft slowly approached and continued from west to east, directly overhead.

(Time and date provided are estimated to best of my recollection.) I was home on leave from the U.S Navy. My wake/sleep hours were off having recently been stationed aboard the USS Wisconsin during Desert Shield/Desert Storm Operations. I was outside my parents house, listening to music on my car radio. To the west of […]

UFO Sighting in Riverside, California on September 13th 1994 – Flew very slow towards us,a red orb of dim light.Red almost like a traffic light red light.As it approached me and my friends,it made No sound.We all thought it was a police helicopter,So we paid it no mind,until it was right over us.then it shot away.

Me my girlfriend at the time,Tisha Valencia,and 5 friends were hanging out in my friends backyard in riverside California.we all noticed a red light coming towards us from a took about 3-4 minutes,then we saw it approaching over head,just maybe 10-20 feet above the tree line.we all thought it was a police helicopter,because they […]