Rusty Nelson 4 of 4

Be sure to watch Rusty’s new 2009 interview by this same YouTube Channel. Interviewer Michael Corbin died 03-18-2008, under mysterious circumstances. See for details. PART 4: Franklin Photographer, Hunter S. Thompson, snuff films, MKUltra, mind control, child trafficking, John DeCamp, Paul Bonacci, Offutt Air Force Base, Gary Caradori, President Reagan, Bush, Aquino, Area 51, FBI, White House pedophilia, Satanism, Gary Caradori, Jeff Gannon, Bohemian Grove, Hitler tactics, Iran Contra, 9/11, Troy Boner, Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon.
Rusty was jailed to silence him a few days days after this interview 4-12-05.

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