UFO Sighting in Seneca, Pennsylvania on September 24th 1969 – I was about 16 and I use to go behind a grade school to smoke as I was standing there all of a sudden I looked up and hovering above me was a Hugh shape disc with glowing lights . It was there then gone in a blink of a eye. I was scared to death .

I was about 16 when I saw the UFO. There was a grade school across from my house we lived on a dead end street. I use to walk over to the back of the school at night to smoke so my parents couldn’t see me. There was a doorway at the back that you stepped up to with brick walls on both side that hid me. It was dark and as I was standing there smoking it appeared out of nowhere I was frozen with fear and couldn’t move it was right above me with blue and white lights all around the disc shape object . The lights were pulsating and in a circle of the disc. After about 5 minutes it was just gone I never saw it leave . I ran around the school to go home and as I rounded the corner of the school I was still looking up at the sky I saw it again but it was traveling so fast I only saw it for a second and it was so far away that I realized that is why I didn’t see it comming or leaving it was as fast as a blink of an eye, when I got home I asked my parents what was new on the news because I thought surely I couldn’t be the only person who saw the object but I never heard any reports of anyone else seeing it. I couldn’t tell my parents of this experience or anyone else for fear they would think I was crazy. I am now 61 years old but will never forget that night as long as I live.

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