UFO Sighting in Albany, New York on September 30th 1973 – Bright star-like flew hi speed stopped in front of airplane then shot straight up. Albany newscast at 11:pm reported UFO SIGHTING

I was standing in my friends backyard and looked up to see a bright white star like object flying at incredible speed directly behind a commercial airliner. When it caught up to the plane it made a dead stop in front of the plane then perpendicular to my position and the plane it made a 90 degree turn shot straight up so fast that it just blinked off. Right after it happened I told my friend and our girlfriends what I saw it was approximately between 8-9pm In the evening. They looked at me at said nothing. We happened to have the Tav on at 11:00pm that night when the lead news story was “UFO sighted in the Capital District” so there is a public record of this occurrence but unfortunately It occurred so long ago during my college years that I can be exact on the month or year. I’m pretty sure it was between the months of October to November and between 1973-1974. I just want to know if the news station still has the report. Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.

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