Glowing Dust

many years ago I read about a UFO sighting in Australia . There was a small prop plane and the pilot saw a UFO disappear leaving behind what I think was either bright blue or green glowing dust. My friend told me about seeing a UFO disappear and leaving behind a bright blue glowing dust. He was driving in the desert at night and witnessed it, then a few moments later a car pulled up behind him and told him he just saw the same thing (Which was good because he thought he was hallucinating).

Have you heard or read of any stories of UFOs disappearing and leaving behind brightly colored glowing dust? Why do you think they do this? I think I have a theory that it might have something to do with the corona effect. The energy it takes to teleport is doing something with the atmosphere and/or dust particles. Not really sure because I’ve never seen a UFO disappear and leave glowing dust particles.

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