UFO Sighting in Chula Vista, California on September 3rd 2015 – I saw 4 bright starlike objects in the distance moving together then they stopped moving and one by one started disappearing

Me friend and I had just finised running at around 8:05 pm . We started getting our stuff to leave when my friend point out 4 lights in the distance moving together like a group. At first I thought it was a cellular tower that I have never noticed before but then I realized the area that I was looking at is all suburban homes . The I thought maybe it was an airplane or helicopter but they were flying way to close together to be that . Then I thought about my grandpa who always talks about UFOS and stuff like this so I remember that you should alway get some type of evidence. That is when I got my phone and took a picture but they I realized a video would be a lot better . By the time I started recording the objects had stopped moving and now where just there in the sky still really close together . Then finally one by one they stared disappearing clock wise . I kept recording until they all disappeared and even waited a couple of seconds after just in case anything else happened. This all happened in the time frame of about 2-3 minutes. After the sighting I couldn’t believe what had happened I was actually really calm even though in the video it won’t seem like it because I was really scared and calm at the same time it was weird .

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