UFO Sighting in Colorado on September 1st 2015 – Bright red orb in sky

I work security on a ranch out in Heurfano county, east of Walsenburg on a night shift. For two nights in a row now I have seen a red orb in the same spot in the sky at roughly the same time each night, around 2-4 am. It is due east of my location where there were multiple cattle mutilations last year, out towards a blinking red tower of some sort. It randomly fades in bright red and stays so for some minutes until it fades out for a few minutes. Both times it has done so more than once and changed color to bright white. It makes quick little circles in the sky and zig zags from side to side. It seems to respond to thoughts somehow. The first night I also witnessed what appeared to me to be two black hawk helicopters in the area though I can not recall if I saw them before or after. They flew very low and close to my location. I am on shift now and will pay attention to the sky again tonight, 09/03/15. I do not doubt what I observed as I have been witness to sightings like this in the past. As a side note, I served 8 years in the army and feel confident the helicopters I saw were military and most likely black hawks.

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