UFO Sighting in Des Plaines, Illinois on September 3rd 2015 – Sun set. Looking west. Object was lit on east side. Object just desolved.

I was at home and went out on the deck located on the east side of my house. I could observe the object to the west well above the roof of my house. My wife and I were looking at the red clouds created by the sun setting. The wife thought it was remnants of a cloud, but it had square corners and well defined edges. It remained stationary for the entire sighting. No unnatural feelings or lost time.
Object in the west between clouds,in clear sky. Rectangle, one unit by two units in size. The vertical element being the longer. The east side was lit. The sun was below the horizon and shouldn’t be shining on the east side. Object remained still with no sound. Observed about 1 minute and then it just dissolved. I am an Air Force Vet that has worked on multiple aircraft. Also a private pilot. This was no aircraft that I have ever seen.

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