UFO Sighting in Tijuana, Baja California on September 3rd 2015 – 5 orbs size of a quarter from my distance were going in a counter clockwise motion with a slight trail behind it.as this was happeing one by one each one faded away . went out side and found nothing

Me and fiance were playing our online game on 09/03/15 at 8:15pm.the way we have our pc set up is that we both share a larger desk for both our set ups.the desk is set up for a corner desk so it sit in a corner of our room.In front of our desk is our window not a great view just the other building in front of us.But since we are on the top floor we do see a little of the skyline. i can only tell you what i saw and here it goes. I was playing my game trying to get credits for a investment i wanted to go for. when i heard my Fiance say “whats that “. as i looked at him i noticed he was looking out the window. as i looked to what he was watching i noticed 4 orb’s looking objects going in a counter clock wise motion. the middle of the orb was a bright white with what looked like a red orange edg to it. and it also left a very short trail at the end of it. As i said it was fadeing going in a counter clock wise motion and as it did one by one started to fade. so if you were looking at a clock it would be 12, 3 6 and 9 on a clock. i notice that as they faded that it was also going counter clock wise. so that when number 9 disappear i jumped on a bucket we had in our room and when i did that i saw the 5th orb sitting on the bottom of the others. It disappear with number 6 and the the last one did the same . we did not hear no noice nor did we hear any planes going by us that was weird cause traffic in our area is always busy. we live abouth 3 or 4 miles from a very busy airport. last but not least we heard our first plane since this happen it is now 9:25 pm. this is my second sighting. crazy what is really going on here. i know nwo

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