Black Triangle Sighting in Coral Springs, Florida on June 16th 1998 – long thin triangle about 10 feet thick, yellow fuzzy lights on each corner, no sound

My encounter happened when I lived in coral springs FLA and lived on the edge of the street light dome and the everglades darkness begins so I am calling that the termination line. So I was out back and observing Jupiter to the west, I looked away from my scope and there it was a long triangle shape all black and yellow fuzzy lights on each corner moving very slow eastbound heading for the termination line. I was frozen and could not move but I was not scared and I could not even close my eyes. As the UFO entered the termination line it became invisible a little at a time like I said it was moving slowly so as the UFO moved deeper into the light more and more of it disappeared into the light , like it was cloaking itself this took about 5 to 7 min. Once the UFO was gone from sight I could move again so I ran inside and told my room mate what happened so he came out but it was now cloaked into the city lights and he said I was crazy but I know what I seen and that I was paralyzed by it, I still see it in my mind clear as day. I am including a pic but it is for reference only this is not the UFO I encountered

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