UFO Sighting in Santa Clara, California on September 3rd 2015 – one craft like object seen first,then 4 more appeared

It was Thursday around five thirty,we were at the Levi stadium parkin lot waiting for the fourth miners to play the chargers,so we were just BBQing hanging out,idky I looked up at the sky but noticed a bright dot moving along the sky. So I said some hinges jokingly, look it’s a ufo! So I caught my brothers attention ,and even started looking up at the sky And as well as others,then my brother says, look there’s more ! And that’s when I noticed the other ones ,there was 3in formation in a triangle formation,and two others trailing behind and at times getting brighter and also dissapearing,as others claimed It was birds I knew it wasn’t because they were too high up and I witnessed Hawks and Eagles at a high distance and even then you could tell it was bird,and even a plane was in the distance and the objects were way higher than the plane,as they glided north hey evetually disappeared.

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