UFO Article: “Experts chime in on Puerto Rico UFO video”

By Alejandro Rojas, 4 September 2015

(Openminds.tv, Tempe, Arizona)

Alejandro Rojas’ article on the 25 April 2013 Aguadilla video
includes the statements of Robert Powell (MUFON’s Director of
Research), Dr. Richard F. Haines (NARCAP founder), Morgan
Beall (Florida MUFON State Director), Dave (an anonymous
U.S. thermal imaging (FLIR camera) expert) (identity confirmed

by Openminds.tv) and Marc D’Antonio (MUFON’s photo and video analyst):

Quote from the article:
“This expert’s name is Dave, and he says he is a ‘Depot Level FLIR Technician that is quite familiar with government FLIR systems, including the one in question.’ He says, ‘I have 10 years of experience with infrared systems and I have viewed thousands of hours of combined live and recorded video.’
He says, ‘The absence of any obvious propulsion system and the heat it generates is quite fascinating. The object’s movement is atypical to what I generally see in infrared video; it moves more like a projectile.’
Dave also doesn’t believe the video is fake. He writes: ‘It’s my opinion that the video is legitimate, it would be quite difficult to fake. The video is consistent to the manual tracking of an airborne object.’

Dave says he and his colleagues, who all have an interest in the video, don’t know what the object is.”

This video freeze-frame appears to show the UFO/USO flying through trees (openminds.tv image)

The Wescam MX-15 thermal imaging system which filmed the unknown object (Wescam/openminds.tv image)

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