UFO Sighting in Fortuna, California on September 5th 2015 – Two basketball sized orange, red and perhaps yellow fireballs flying in formation making complete stops.

Myself and my girlfriend were out on the back patio having a cigarette. We were having a conversation and she noticed one over the fence to the NW. I stood up when I saw it and noticed there was a second one.
I honestly had no idea what they were. At first I thought it must be some strange gas disturbance or optical illusion but these were holding a formation and coming to complete stops and then moving again.
They were like orange, yellow and red fireballs or spheres. They were glowing and appeared to be pulsating to a degree. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. We noticed them off to the NW and they moved in what appeared to be a straight line to the NE. They made at least three complete stops in the flight path and started moving again. The second was off to the left of the lead sphere and they stayed an exact distance apart. I felt they were a craft of some sort but oddly when they vanished it appeared as light dissipating or going out. I would say similar to a light bulb slowly burning out. This made me think perhaps they weren’t craft but light or gas?
Honestly this is probably the most amazing thing I have witnessed in my life. I was a bit perturbed at first but now I am more bewildered and amazed at what happened. This crap only happens in movies right? Shock and awe.
As I stated above they both seemed to dissipate. The lead one vanished first and then the second one shortly thereafter. From the time we first observed them to the point they vanished I would say was a total of five minutes. They appeared basketball size in the sky and if I was going to guess I would say they were at the altitude of a low flying airplane? But it was kind of hard to tell. We tried to record it on her cell phone but it is a cheap phone and the quality is horrible. You can see the lights but that’s about it. It doesn’t portray the actual experience.

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