UFO Sighting in Kitimat, British Columbia on September 1st 2015 – 3 ufo over the mall of Kitimat

Two of my friends were comming out of the Subway restaurant located at the mall in Kitimat BC at 22h00 on sept 1st 2015. Once they reached their car 300ft away, they looked back and saw 3 spheres hovering over the mall. There was one big yellow not perfect sphere and two small white spheres. The bigger one stayed still all along while the two smaller ones were moving fast, disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. One of my friend filmed the scene for over 1min 30sec before getting inside the car, too frightened to continue. The entire scene lasted 5min before the spheres left. My friend sent me the movie but I only got 37sec(?!?) of which only 5sec(?!?) is viewable. It’s possible to see on slow motion one small sphere making a loop under a street light.

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